Instagram is the fastest growing social media website that is quickly climbing up the stairs to become one of the top most influential platforms not just for entertainment but also for marketing. Originally, Instagram was used as a tool by major influencers and celebrities who took help of the site to give a glimpse of their elite life. Over the years, Instagram has revolutionized and become an emerging social media website that also focuses on business marketing by finding a balance between business and intimacy.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is the way brands use to promote themselves and their products as well as connect with the audience and wider markets. With over 800 million users, Instagram marketing has become a very valuable tool. It has proved to be a no-brainer that is very important with respect to conversions, customer satisfaction, and above all brand awareness and promotion.

Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram offers its users an array of Instagram marketing services. These are very valuable when it comes to taking the right decisions regarding a brand and its promotion strategy for gaining or buying ig followers. The three main types of Instagram marketing services include:

  1. Instagram Paid Ads

Instagram aids are a great way to kick start a business on Instagram as it helps to generate names for an email list, encourage trial signups, and attract potential customers. Paid ads fall into different categories that need to be well understood to achieve the desired results. The first category is Photo Ads that allow brand promotion by using photos that will say sponsored. The next category is Video Ads that attracts customers through short sponsored videos of merely sixty seconds. Carousel Ads are another interesting category that enables the audience to swipe the content of the post to view more things. Lastly, there are Stories Ads that make use of the story feature. Ads help in generating more followers and ultimately more views and likes.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a very unique and interesting type of Instagram marketing service. It is when the brands pay major influential personalities, usually the ones with lots of followers, to post about their company and product. A fee is given to influencers for providing their services. The more the followers the influencer has the more the company or brand will prosper. It will help towards building a loyal community of more followers.

  1. Contests

Contests are a great way to increase Instagram followers. They help attract users and bring in more likes and views. There are many different and unique contests such as hashtag contests and sweepstakes contest.


Instagram is without a doubt the most suitable platform that helps captivate and engage hundreds and millions of people from around the world. There is no other more perfect platform that can be effectively used to promote products and develop a positive brand image. Without over 700 million active users, there is no denying to the supremacy of Instagram and its power and reach with regards to a large community.