Some people think that making a coffee with coffee maker is fairly simple and easy task. While it certainly is simple, you need to follow the coffee making instructions appropriately or else you may end up with a mess. If you don’t know how to make a good cup of how brown drink with a machine, we got you covered here.

Start with water

Start by pouring the water into the reservoir of your machine. Make sure that you are using filtered or bottled water when making coffee. Some people look up to tap or distilled water which might be a wrong choice. Also, avoid the use of softened water and keep an eye at the serving lines (if they are present in your machine).

Paper filter

There are some machines that come with filter and then there are a few which require you to add a paper filter. Get yourself a decent paper filter for a coffee maker and make sure that it fits your machine appropriately. If you have a mesh filter basket in your machine, you don’t have to acquire an additional filter paper.

Add coffee grounds

Take the coffee grounds and add it to the filter. It is solely your choice regarding what beans to you and which sort of ground you are opting for. Make sure that you buy best coffee blend as it is from where the flavor and taste would come to your drink.

Brew coffee

Start brewing the coffee. Listen to the dripping sounds of your coffee makes and have a close look at the brewing process. If your machine has some kind of alert mechanism, you are good to turn off the brewer upon alarm. Else, you need to watch for the dripping and turn off the brewer when the dripping stops.

Have your drink

Now, turn off the coffee maker and remove the filter. Keep it aside so you don’t forget to wash and change it. Take off the coffee pot and serve coffee as you like. You can add milk, sugar, or other flavors as you wish.