Instagram is the top most trending social media site today which is being used by brands to increase their customers. There are a number of ways which are used by Instagram users to upsell their products and one of the most famous ones is the use of direct messages. Many brands and people have made use of the DM feature of Instagram to promote their brand. In this article we have discussed a few tips that will be useful for upselling your products.

5 tips for upselling through direct messages

There are a few tips that are discussed for upselling through direct message.

  1. Building a relationship with the client

Before you move to upselling, you need to use direct message feature of Instagram to interact and build a relation with your customer. Before offering your product you have to make a relation of trust with your client.

  1. Attract your customers

One other tip for upselling using Instagram direct message is to attract and encourage your loyal customers by sending a DM to inform them about your new products, offers events etc. This also means running contests and sharing coupons in order to boost engagement.

  1. If something goes wrong while messaging; unsent!

Instagram supports the feature of unsending a message. In case you miswrite something while direct messaging your customer on Instagram, don’t worry! There’s always a backup option for unsending your message before your customer reads it.

  1. Avoiding Jargon

One simple and easy tip is to make use of the language that your customer understands. Ensure not to use profession-specific jargon because it may confuse the customer as s/he may not understand what you are trying to say. This may result in misunderstanding hindering your upselling process.

  1. Showing business personality in your conversations

It is very important that your responses represent the type of brand you belong to. Your conversations with your customer community should reflect your unique business personality. For example if your brand is light-hearted and fun, your personality should be a reflection of that!

Here we have stated some tips that will be of great benefit to you for upselling with the use of direct message on Instagram. Do you need info about instagram direct messaging check online!