There definitely was a time when people could only talk if they meet or through mails. And if you want to know someone new it was way to difficult unless you meet them are have spent time with them. That time where calls were expensive and talking to each other was way to difficult.

A new era came into existence which was completely of social media. Social media is a platform where people can interact with the people and maintain their social circles.

Applications were launched which were inherent based. The major purpose was to let people connect with the people they know or they want to talk with.  Due to a whole world was on social media people from different regions come to interact with each other as well. There are many benefits social media platform can provide to connect with new people.

Benefits of knowing new people:

It is a part of human nature that he wants to explore new things. New things happening around him and new things in humans like himself. Social media is a platform where a whole world is present. When you interact with a new person you come to know about new things about human nature. You may experience bad or good.

But this is what you learn. Good things about them and so does bad things. For those who like to explore the World. Interacting with people from different area of the world provide a lot of information about their culture and trends. And how people of that area are. How they live their. This information increase your knowledge about new things.

Also if you like to travel knowing such things before you travel a place would be beneficial for you. Also your new friends may help you to explore better as they live in that place they know well about it.

Sometime, people don’t have friends or someone special in their life. Or some wants to keep their social media profiles like Instagram profile private. It is also easy to know them through instaviewy no survey. Through social media when you talk to someone new you come to know if he/she can be your friend. From social media you can make new friends. Who can understand you well and make you feel good and happy.

Many people find their better half through social media platform. The one they dreamt about. Interacting with new people also make you more confident and better speaker. Which will help you much in your life.