Getting publicity on social media sites can mean many things for specific individuals. Some may admire the fame for their own assurance and satisfaction on their talent that they wish for the whole world to see, some wish to gain fame in order to promote their own self, looking for directors and producers to hire them by judging them on their skills on TikToks and Dubsmashes.

In specific cases such as Instagram, an individual’s worth is determined by the number of followers they have, hence their popularity. An increased amount of followers means that they have more viewers to promote products or brands and get paid for doing so. Thus the payoff on Instagram can turn out to be huge. It does provide 58 times improved engagement than other social networking sites such as Facebook.


How to achieve this popularity overnight?

  • Get Creative: Posting the same type of photos, the dull and regular kind that you do, has definitely not been doing much for you. Posting the same type of material is not getting you any engagement online. It is high time to realize that content and what you post has the greatest impact on your followers and engagement. It is indeed the time to get creative in this regard.
  • Increase your own engagement: an active user is easier to get into the radar of their own kind of people because the algorithm used in Facebook and Instagram shows you content according to what you have interacted on previously. Thus to increase engagement the trick involves liking more posts than usual of people who you want to notice you.
  • Hashtags: the beauty of the social media is that there is no end to a trend, and the smallest most, slightest act can trigger a trend, irrespective of who initiated it. Such of a trendsetter is hashtags which, if clicked, can take you to the numerous posts people have used them on. Hence using the never dying hashtags such as #L4L or #TBH will make you more visible by the audience.
  • Stay Active: if you wish to be an influencer of social media, staying active is the order for staying active, you need to post on a regular basis. Yet this process is to be tackled with caution because there is a thin line between posting regularly and spamming. Nobody likes spam.
  • Utilize all facilities: Instagram is an enormous platform which offers a great many facilities to avail for this very purpose. A new account can take start with 100 Instagram followers that can help you gain exposure. Besides the usual feed and profiles, it has introduced the idea of stories, highlights, IG TV, live videos, etc. by using all of these would help to maintain an interesting and creative Instagram life.
  • Captions! Instagram mostly itself is a visual content social website where written has less representation, however, adding catchy yet awestriking captions to your adorable moments are what the audience on Instagram live for.

Instagram is an amazing social media platform where the turnouts of effective engagement can be tremendous, by simply applying a few changes to our content and feed, it can take us long ways.


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