Wedding dresses for Pakistani & Indian brides

A wedding is a day in a woman’s life when she wants to look at her best. Wedding ceremonies are the most important function in the life of any woman, from any culture and background. The most significant aspect of this day is the bride’s clothes.

Sitting on the stage, next to her life-partner, the bride is the center of attention for the entire crowd, and the bride’s dress is their sole focus. Therefore, the most difficult aspect of wedding planning is also the selection of the bride’s dress.

In Pakistan, there are a number of functions held on this occasion, and the dress the bride wears reflects the Pakistani culture. In the majority of the weddings, brides stick to the traditional lehenga, gharara, or sharara on her special day, but there is a recent shift in trend.

Shift to a western culture

For many current-generation Pakistanis, foreign culture has always been an attraction, and deviations from traditional Pakistani norms are considered in a positive light. The recent decades have also seen a shift towards a western-style dressing on Pakistani weddings, where the bride wishes to do something new and memorable on her big day. Western wedding dresses are becoming increasingly common choices for brides in Pakistan.

Western Style Bridal Dresses Design

To begin with, the most common western wedding dress color is white. Included in this category can be a range of shades from creamy shades like ecru, ivory, and eggshell to the stark white color. Ever since the wedding of Queen Victoria and Albert of Saxe-Coburg, this color has been popular for western weddings. This color was a symbol of purity and child-like innocence in many western countries. In others, it symbolized virginity.

Western-style bridal dresses are long gowns, mostly floor-length and sometimes longer. These dresses are also often strapless or sleeveless to give a delicate touch to the dress. These gowns can either be plain silk gowns or frilled net frocks that are floor length.

These western styles give grace and grandeur to the whole event and add a royal feeling. Pakistani brides going for western wedding dresses opt for stunning sequin beadwork or lace designing that make the gown look nothing short of exquisite.

With ruffles and layers in frilled frocks or otherwise in plain gowns, the dress can be made to look even more eye-catching. Intricate designing on the neckline and at the waist is also common in western bridal dresses worn by Pakistani brides.

A bridal train is the most common style in a western gown. The train is a part of the dress that trails behind the bride on the floor. This style developed centuries ago, named after peacocks that are considered royal birds

In short, the western style adopted by Pakistani brides in the current age has added royal connotations to the already special event. Western wedding gowns have a unique look of royalty coupled with purity and innocence that Pakistani brides have now come to look forward to.