Magic is an antique art that is continuously growing up with new ideas of illusion where playing cards have been using for best magician. In the last centuries, playing cards becomes more popular in magic creation, magician create and show different techniques of illusions in magic through different playing cards. Magician uses different color for their magic in which most five common are – red, green, and blue, white and black, as in different techniques of magic these colors performs an important role in illusion.

Poker 808 Playing Cards for Magic:

Poker 808 Bicycle playing cards are one of the most famous playing cards that have been also used by magician for creation of different illusion and present magic with full of fun to the audience. Using poker 808 playing card you can perform moving card trick in front of your audience, another trick you can perform for fun is turning over the Playing Cards. You can also show your friends that you are shuffling Poker 808 Bicycle cards but in actual you make the cards in their actual form. Poker 808 Playing cards are affordable but their design are old-fashion.

Sleepers Deck Playing Cards for Magic:

Sleepers Deck Playing Cards are also used in magic, they are black cards having reds heart and diamond only on it. It creates audience in complex while you are shuffling the cards or turning over the cards. This playing card is costly but their making are neat and simple that audience confused while magician used their different technique.

Bumble Bee Playing Cards for Magic:

In magic, bumble bee card have been introduced as unique cards that are specifically designed for sleight hand tricks. Bumble bee playing card were made of high quality and different design but there is difficult to read digits from bumble bee playing cards.

Prism Night Playing Cards for Magic:

Prism Night playing Cards were very popular of their look in magic, they are outstanding, and of unique form of every rainbow colors that are involve in their themes. There digits are in image and lettering form including rainbow colors, but most prominent is glossy black that make them unique while performing magic. The Custom Playing cards are an excessive attention-grabbing talk appetizer while performing magic or tricks with these playing cards. Their standard are higher than any brand because of their attractive and glossy look.

SWE Deck Playing Card for Magic:

SWE Deck Playing card were also most popular playing cards in magic as they are easy to read but magician create sleight tricks by hand and make audience confused that which action is performed and how the cards are shuffled by each other or removed from the deck. These cards are effervescent and rich in gold and green that are easily readable. SWE Deck Playing Cards were also expensive because of their elegant look, customer/magician likes these cards of its different and unique look as well as their limited edition available in the market.